Hi, I'm Doug, 


No one can guess from my accent, but I am originally from Newcastle.

I studied Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln.

I am a D&AD NewBlood Yellow Pencil winning copywriter now based in London.  


Feel free to get in touch online 

(Or you can always pop in for a cuppa)

Click here for my CV

Some photos of me looking smug. 

1.Submitting my dissertation  2.Winning a Yellow New Blood Pencil  3.Graduating with a 1st

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I'm a copywriter. I write words. 

But everyone writes words. So, what makes the words I write different?

Well, sometimes when I write words people give me awards, sometimes I get paid to write words, sometimes I write words for brands, and sometimes I write words for a man talking to a sheep.


But what really makes the words I write different is that I always enjoy writing them!

The words you'll read on this site I've written to show off how much I like writing, and hopefully how good I am at it!


Most of the words I write have been written before (djkeje is a word I've just came up with that probably hasn't been written before). I put words in new orders. When I do this the words become magic, they make people laugh, or cry, or buy stuff.

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