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Candy Crush is one of the biggest games around. But it's got an image problem - too many moms. They wanted to appeal to more Gen Z audiences so went to where they hang out - TikTok. 

I worked from concepting to crafting the ideas. Tapping into trends, creating the videos and editing in app for the best impact. I even did a bit of community management and let some of my sass out on unsuspecting Candy Crush fans. Unfortunately I was just too tall to actually play bubblegum troll (phew).  


We created a series of Candy Crush themed riddles to target problem solving communities on TikTok. With pretty simple solutions (occasionally relating to the game itself) people really wanted to prove that they're a genius. 

Drone Show, Candy Cave and MayTree

Taking ATL campaigns and content that isn't very TikTok native and making them a better fit for the platform. 

Creating TikTok Specific Content 

Using trends, sounds, stitches, duets and even a giant pink cardboard cutout character to create content specifically for the platform. 

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