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Finally Electric

After 2035 all new cars sold in the UK will need to be fully electric. Some companies are leading the charge, however others have been slower to make the change.


With CO2 levels at all-time highs, fuelled in part by cars, this isn’t a change the world can wait for. These ads of the future poke fun at the slow EV uptake and show the apocalyptic future that will be left if we don’t switch to electric before it’s too late.

Best ad from the future


Advantage, Women.

AftThis year Nadal won his 21st Grand Slam (well done Nadal). The media loved it, and it was said all over that he was the first tennis player to win 21 Grand Slams. This isn’t true. There are three women that got there first, and have even won more Grand Slams than him.


Nike made a lovely ad to celebrate, with the claim "Advantage, Nadal." But the truth is he doesn’t have the advantage, it’s the women who got there first.

Best vandalism of an existing ad


Ideas worked on with the excellent Elena Sánchez Abrante.

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