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Instagram Story Pub Quizzes: 

When COVID-19 hit, brands had to rethink all their advertising. Working on the social creative for Jura we had to quickly park some ideas that were no longer feasible in the current climate and come up with some more. 

Capitalising on the growing trend to quiz at home I came up with a weekly series of Instagram Story pub quizzes to keep our audience entertained, and to teach them a couple of whisky related facts! 

Instagram Story Whisky Tastings: 

As part of the brand's 'More than a whisky' tagline Jura wanted to use social in more engaging ways for the audience.

The stories will use native story features to build a live tasting experience. 

You can vote on your favourite style of glass, match the colour, see a boomerang of swirling whisky, tap and hold to get a good nose, tell us what you can taste (get poetic), finally screenshot and fill in a tasting notes sheet and share with us.


The user generated information (which glass was most popular, what they tasted, and the tasting notes) can then be shared on Jura’s story.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 16.13.30.png

'A Long Way From Ordinary' Feed Posts:

As part of Jura Whisky's 'A Long Way From Ordinary' message, I have worked on early 2020 content for their social channels. 

The process involved searching through assets and matching potential photo and post options to existing content pillars before drafting and editing the posts.

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