Stuff I did to get noticed:

I snuck into the D&AD Awards after party - 

I played Monopoly in real life - 

I worked at the weekends - 

Explore them all here

I helped plan and host my uni end of year show -

End of year show board 1.jpg

We put on a show in Lincoln (for the parents) and also took it down to London (for industry people) hosted in Grey London. I helped come up with the theme "Death of the Advertiser" and wrote the show's manifesto (click above image to read it better!).

I was a featured talent in Muse Recruits  -

I snuck onto the tubes and stuck up signs for mums -

We found out a shocking statistic about mothers returning to work. So on mothers day, early in the morning, we snuck onto the tubes and stuck up signs to get people thinking.

I did several books -

(this is pretty much what it looked like when I got hired)


The difference between a house and a home. D&AD New Blood Pencil winner.

Where will reading take you?

Remember to test your smoke alarm

Warm enough

Weather reporters wear us

They're just too tasty. 

I draw comics. I think they're funny. 

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