One-Off Stuff I've Done

Extra Gum - 

Lots of people rip the corners of scrap paper to store and dispose of used gum.

Barefoot Wine - 

Nice little social post idea to help fans celebrate pride (responsibly). 

Mitsubishi - 

Whilst writing content for UK website I wrote many pages and components. Mainly articles within the heritage section of the site, but on a few vehicle landing pages I was able to include a couple of "jokes". 

Rimmel London - 

How to market makeup to the everyday man? (I don't know, that's why it's here in 'one-offs')

Tesla - 

They're just like any other car, right?

Panda Brush (bamboo toothbrushes) - 

A bit a of creepy way to let individuals get a glimpse at their personal waste impact on the world.

Stop Smoking - 

It would work.

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