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One-Off Stuff I've Done

I've done lots of stuff, here's some of it that isn't big enough to have its own page.

I snuck into the D&AD Awards after party - 

air 2.jpg
air2 3.jpg
air2 2.jpg

Extra Gum - 

Lots of people rip the corners of scrap paper to store and dispose of used gum.

extra gum.jpg
extar 1.jpg

McDonald's  wrap of the day social tease - 

Who says getting work live takes ages?


During perhaps the shortest placement Leo Burnett has ever witnessed I storyboarded a series of wrap of the day social teasers with my art director at the time. My art director took these further after I left and they became what you can see in the video below. 

Fox's Biscuits - 

They're just too tasty. 

foxs print.jpg

Royal Mail x Dogs Trust - 

Posties and pups don't mix well. More than 44 postmen are injured by dogs each week. Dogs who harm humans are more likely to be abandoned, or even put down.


Barefoot Wine - 

Nice little social post idea to help fans celebrate pride (responsibly). 

barefoot pride.jpg

Mitsubishi - 

Whilst writing content for UK website I wrote many pages and components. Mainly articles within the heritage section of the site, but on a few vehicle landing pages I was able to include a couple of "jokes". 

mitsu 1.png
mitsu 2.png

London Fire Brigade x Tinder - 

We're all meant to test our smoke alarms once a month. We don't. So we created a real Tinder profile to flirt with matches and remind them to test their alarms. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 17.14.59.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 17.15.01.png

Rimmel London - 

How to market makeup to the everyday man? (I don't know, that's why it's here in 'one-offs')

makeup hammer.jpg
makeup spanner.jpg

Tesla - 

They're just like any other car, right?


Panda Brush (bamboo toothbrushes) - 

A bit a of creepy way to let individuals get a glimpse at their personal waste impact on the world.

toothbrush redelivered_edited-1.jpg

Kopparberg - 

Fruity cider is seen as a summer drink. But even in winter, there are people who think it's warm enough to do 'summer' stuff. 


Stop Smoking - 

It would work.

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