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Help people choose purchases that reflect their values.

The climate is Millenial and Gen Z's top concern.

26% of carbon emissions come from food.

Eating sustainably is seen as being expensive.

But climate change doesn't discriminate. 

PlanEat is a sustainable shopping list and recipe app developed to show that sustainability can be achieved by everyone.

Just by making a few small changes, your recipes can be good to the planet, and your wallet.

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"Being good to the planet is SO expensive."

"Sustainable recipes are too hard to find."

You're going to eat your words 

(and some affordable, sustainable food).

We're not going to sugar coat it, you'll have to make

some changes, but we'll hand the alternatives to you on a silver platter. 

Go bananas!

(or even better, go seasonal strawberries,

they have less carbon impact)

Eat better, never spend more.

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PlantEat_ copy_Page_16.jpg
PlantEat_ copy_Page_17.jpg
PlantEat_ copy_Page_18.jpg
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Developed as part of the Critical Mass global intern program.

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